African Film Week

Afromaha proudly presents the inaugural African Film Week, an immersive cinematic experience celebrating the rich tapestry of African culture, stories, and perspectives.

 This annual event aims to spotlight the richness and diversity of African culture through the medium of film. From gripping narratives to mesmerizing documentaries, African Film Week promises to take audiences on a captivating journey across the continent.

Featuring a diverse program of feature films, documentaries, and shorts, African Film Week showcases the breadth and depth of African cinema. From thought-provoking dramas to exhilarating comedies, each film offers a unique glimpse into the complexities and nuances of African life.

In addition to film screenings, African Film Week will feature engaging discussions, workshops, and Q&A sessions with filmmakers, scholars, and cultural experts. Gain deeper insights into the creative process, the socio-political context of African cinema, and the power of storytelling as a tool for change and empowerment.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to celebrate African cinema and connect with a vibrant community of film enthusiasts. Join us for African Film Week and be transported to a world of imagination, inspiration, and discovery.